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Make the most of
every customer interaction

Use Goodmeetings to empower your sales teams to get ready for,
execute, and learn from every demo

Before the demo
Know your buyers in and out and train yourself to sell to them
During the demo
Earn your buyers’ confidence through an incredible demo experience
After the demo
Reflect on buyer behavior and tune sales strategy to convert better
Before the demo

Prospect and Prepare

Qualify your leads

Make an informed virtual assessment of leads to save demos for only serious, qualified buyers

Shadow live calls

Listen in to demos done by seniors to similar buyers and learn tips & tricks to pitch effectively

Analyze lead profile

Revisit past meeting records & social media profile to learn about buyer behavior

Ready sales agenda & playbooks

Upload the flow & material for presentation on the meeting platform beforehand

DurinG the demo

Engage and Elevate

Deliver brand consistency

Showcase standardized demo presentations in a white-labelled meeting environment

Handle objections as a pro

Arm teams with a mix of AI and human help to tackle any difficult buyer conversations

Gauge customer behavior

Understand non verbal cues on the fly and tune sales pitch to remain relevant and impactful

Save time on record keeping

Automate all possible non selling tasks to gain freedom to sell more and better in every meeting

After the demo

Analyze and Act

Binge on game tapes

Fast forward to winning moments in sales demos, share feedback, and encourage peer learning

Assess team performance

Analyze strengths & weaknesses of sales teams members and identify coaching opportunities

Forecast sales success

Predict likelihood of deal conversion based on customer's and salesperson's behaviour during demos

Take action

Earmark next steps around training sales teams or changing sales strategies to win more demos


Trusted by G.O.A.T sales teams


Connect with your sales stack for
seamless demos

Rely on a single source of truth for sales. No wasting even a minute in
updating data across multiple systems

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Knock your sales success
out of the park

Time saved in record keeping to focus more on sales
Increase in Customer NPS & buying intent after demos
Cost saved in scaling & onboarding sales teams
Increase in accuracy of sales win/loss predictions

Make every sales meeting
a “Good Meeting”

Get started in 3 simple steps
Create a Goodmeetings workspace. 30 day free trial. No credit card required.
Invite your team-members to join. Import prior meeting video records to Goodmeetings library.
Integrate your calendar and CRM with Goodmeetings. Auto sync all client & deal data.