Effortless Video Meetings

Experience high quality video calls in your personalized workspace.
No hassle of app downloads or installations

  • 100% browser based
  • 1 click share of invite
  • Custom workspace branding
  • Guest waiting room
  • HD quality video & audio
  • Front & flip camera video feed
  • Custom background

Smart Sales Apps

Fall in love with popular apps that standardize and automate your sales
workflows and take your demos to the next level

Note Taker

Scribble meeting notes on the go. Write in markdown or use keyboard shortcuts and UI elements for text formatting.


Questionnaire Forms

Create custom Q&As for prospects in MCQ or open text format. Generate scores based on responses.



Upload demo material - presentations, videos, sheets, or demo environment- before the meeting to standardize demos.
Present within meeting console to avoid screen-share nightmares.


Champion Game Tapes

Leverage AI & analytics to identify what separates the best demo calls
from the rest and use it to scale successful sales motions

Transcripts, Highlights & Analytics

Reflect on what worked & what didn’t during demos using AI based analysis of video, voice, and screen share data.


Sales Meetings Library

Access an intuitive & easily searchable feed of sales demos with smart filters. Share & collaborate on defining moments.


Dynamic Sales Coaching

Lead the way for your sales team when they need help the most - “during call” rather than post-mortem

Live, Incognito Human Coaching

Get guidance from supervisor via private chat on objection handling or negotiations with a buyer.


AI Based Contextual Nudges

Get alerts on dropping customer attention, long monologues or any other deviation from ideal sales call template.


Actionable Sales Intelligence

Unlock the world of video, voice & screenshare analytics to get insights
that can be applied for measurable, verified outcomes

Demo Intelligence

Leverage our unique screen-share insights to understand what portions of the demo caught your customer’s attention.


Market Intelligence

Gauge the sentiment of the buyer about your brand and competition using AI based analysis of transcripts.


People Intelligence

Benchmark performance of sales reps across teams and chart out personalized areas of coaching.


Deal Intelligence

Identify risk factors of ongoing deals, forecast likelihood of conversion, and nudge actions to set deals on track.


Ready to reimagine
sales demos on video?