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What's included
  • Automated recording & transcribing of video meetings (meeting minutes would be capped per month based on usage)
  • Meetings playlist (2 years of storage)
  • AI generated moments, summaries, and action items
  • Conversational intelligence
  • CRM Integration (as a paid add-on)
  • Basic sharing & collaboration
  • Slack & email notifications
  • Custom branding
  • 24*7 chat and email support
  • Security (Standard)


What's included
Everything in Professional +
  • Automated recording & transcribing of video meetings (meeting minutes would be capped per month based on usage)
  • Advanced meetings playlist (3 years of storage)
  • Advanced access controls
  • Manage multiple workspaces
  • Multiple language support
  • CRM integration (Custom)
  • Custom analytical dashboards
  • Tailored onboarding & dedicated customer success manager
  • Security (Advanced)

Plan Comparison




Automatic recording
Control on events to be recorded
Join meetings when over-booked
Recorded minutes per user per month
Based on usages
Based on usages
Recording storage duration
2 years
3 years
Recording notetaker branding
Recording layout UI*

In Call Assistance

Structured notes*
Lead profile*


AI based dynamic nudges*
Live shadowing by human*


Filters & Search
Private & public playlists
Tag management*
Folder organization*
Meeting preview on mouseover


Access controls of video recording
Public links
Public + Private links
Clip editor*


Tag teammates in comments

Conversation Intelligence

Analytics dashboard
English speech to text
Topic extraction
Sentiment analysis*
Speaker identification (by name)
Search & play transcripts
AI generated moments
AI generated summary & action items
Meeting KPIs
Usage KPIs*

CRM Integration

Push integration
Pull integration*

Deal Intelligence

Client performance dashboard*

Market Intelligence

Competitor performance dashboard*

People Intelligence

Sales rep performance dashboard


Slack & Email notifications

Customer Support

Self help knowledge base
Chat & Email support
Tailored onboarding
Dedicated Customer Support Manager

Security Management

Data encryption
Google Authorization
GDPR Readiness
SOC Compliance*
GDPR Readiness
* Coming Soon

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we do charge extra for our integrations. You can integrate your existing tech stack and gain full visibility into your deals with our paid integration services.

The cost depends on the license type you choose for your team. Get in touch with us, and we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of our license types and the features included.

Our pricing is based on the number of recorded users. There is also a platform fee, which is determined by the number of users supported.

We do not charge any setup fees. Our team will assist you in getting started without any additional cost.

Yes, we offer custom pricing plans tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a personalized quote.

Yes, we offer a free trial so you can experience before committing to a subscription. Sign up on our website to start your free trial.

Yes, we offer discounts for annual subscriptions. Contact our sales team to learn more about our discount options.

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and online payment systems. Contact us for more details.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. Get in touch with our support team for assistance.

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