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I love how easy it is to use and how easily it surfaces insights. It is such a powerful tool to have for reps. If you are scaling your sales team, Goodmeetings is a must
Sam Briggs
Director of Sales,  CallHub
We absolutely love the features of Goodmeetings, particularly Highlighting the key points of meetings, which can be used as a reference later
Jonathan Hill
Head of Sales & Customer Success,  RevSure
I absolutely love the meeting summaries. They are better than anything I have seen so far. Experiencing this has been a beautiful aha moment for me
Rishabh Ladha
Co-Founder, Squadstack
Goodmeetings is of immense help in understanding the sales rep’s skill set, extracting customer insights, and developing a sales playbook for new joinees
Sameer Mahajan
Co-Director - Sales & Strategy, Limechat
Before using Goodmeetings, it seemed as if we were doing sales calls in the dark. Ever since we started using the platform, we can analyse each call, and the platform empowers us with vital analytics.

Earlier, there was no way to ascertain if our sales reps missed speaking something important during the demo, but now we can. The call analytics feature also helps us configure and highlight essential keywords during the call.

This is quite valuable in identifying customer sentiments, pain points, and right follow up areas.
Karan T
At Goodmeetings, we use the power of AI to transcribe your meetings, create action items, and seamlessly integrate with your workflow
Gokul Muralidhran
CEO at
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the AI generated meeting summary and action items to be that good. The team at Goodmeetings has done a good job
Ashwin Sandhe
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