Gong Alternatives: Gong Competitors You Must Consider in 2024

Conversation Intelligence Software has become widely popular, with many individuals on the lookout for top-rated, user-friendly solutions that offer customer scoring and lead qualification features. One particular tool that has garnered significant attention in recent years is Gong.io – a platform specializing in conversation analytics and salesforce training. 

While Gong.io undeniably offers powerful capabilities, it’s important to acknowledge that not every sales team is identical, and what proves effective for one may not necessarily be the ideal choice for another. In this guide, we will explore Gong alternatives, delving into their standout features, limitations, and pricing so that you can make an informed choice.

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Why you might need a Gong.io alternative

Sales teams, especially those within startups or smaller companies, often seek Gong.io alternatives for several common reasons:


Gong comes with a substantial price tag, and this can pose a challenge for smaller companies with only a few sales representatives. On average, each Gong customer incurs an annual cost of approximately $30,000.

Implementation Delays

The process of successfully implementing Gong, onboarding your sales team, and deriving value from it can be time-consuming, often taking weeks to fully integrate into your operations.

Transcription Accuracy

Customer feedback on platforms like G2 and TrustRadius indicates that call transcripts generated by Gong frequently necessitate extensive manual corrections. Gong itself acknowledges its transcription accuracy to be in the range of 85-86%.

Sales-Centric Features

Gong’s features are tailored primarily to meet the needs of sales teams. While functionalities like deal wins and sales insights can be enticing for your sales team, they may not hold the same appeal for teams such as customer success or human resources.

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How to pick an alternative to Gong that is right for you?

Before deciding on a Gong alternative, it’s crucial to grasp where Gong falls short and to identify the features that distinguish its competitors. Here are some key considerations:

1. Ease of Use

Assess whether the sales platform you’re considering is user-friendly. Does it necessitate a significant learning curve, or can your team quickly adapt to it? A smooth onboarding process can save valuable time and resources.

2. Feature Set

Examine the feature set of the alternative platform. Does it offer all the features you require, or are there notable gaps in its capabilities? It’s important to strike a balance between comprehensive features and avoiding overwhelming complexity.

3. Compatibility

Ensure that the Gong alternative seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack. Additionally, consider whether it has the potential to replace other tools in your toolkit, streamlining your workflow and reducing unnecessary tool proliferation.

4. Pricing

Evaluate the cost of the new tool in comparison to Gong. Is it more cost-effective, or does it stretch your budget further? It’s essential to find a solution that not only meets your needs but also aligns with your financial resources.

5. Ratings and Reviews

Gather insights from real users who have experience with the alternative tool. Pay attention to its user ratings and reviews. Positive feedback and high ratings can be indicative of a tool’s effectiveness and reliability.

Gong Alternatives For Small Businesses

1. Airgram

Airgram streamlines online meetings by offering AI-powered notetaking and productivity tools. It enables scheduling, recording, transcribing, and automated summarization for efficient virtual meetings.


  • Real-time AI transcription
  • GPT-4 meeting summaries
  • CRM integration options
  • Participant performance analysis
  • AI topic extraction

How Airgram is better than Gong

Airgram secures its position as a leading Gong alternative due to its seamless onboarding experience and affordability. With a straightforward and user-friendly setup, it caters to businesses on a limited budget, making it a top choice among alternatives.

Pricing (annual billing)

  • Plus: $18/user/month

Ratings & Reviews

2. Fireflies

Fireflies.ai serves as an AI-driven meeting assistant that automates various laborious sales team tasks, providing a mix of conversation intelligence and productivity-boosting features.


  • Capture, transcribe, and condense live meetings
  • Transcription in over 30 languages
  • Custom integration via API
  • Smart Search for keyword, theme, and topic queries


  • Admin login restriction hinders workflow efficiency
  • Absence of deal intelligence feature
  • Learning curve for new users

How Fireflies is better than Gong

Fireflies.ai surpasses Gong with its transcription accuracy of over 90%, in-depth AI Super Summaries, and an AI chatbot, AskFred, for post-meeting tasks. Transparent pricing, support for multiple languages, and extensive integrations make it a versatile solution suitable for small businesses.

Pricing (annual billing)

  • Pro: $10/user/month 
  • Business: $19/user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing 

Ratings & Reviews

3. Avoma

Avoma is a comprehensive tool that supports you across the entire meeting cycle, spanning pre-meeting and post-meeting activities.


  • Enables live bookmarking during calls
  • Generates automated summaries of calls
  • Delivers AI-powered insights from customer conversations
  • Offers real-time sales coaching


  • Inaccurate transcripts & speaker mislabeling
  • Can’t create short audio snippets
  • English-only transcriptions; struggles with accents
  • No keyword or date search
  • Limited integration with video conferencing

How Avoma is better than Gong

Avoma’s transparent pricing and collaborative note-taking feature make it a practical choice, while Gong’s pricing is less straightforward. Avoma caters to a broader range of customer needs, offering a more budget-friendly option. The choice between these platforms hinges on specific business requirements and budget constraints.

Pricing (annual billing)

  • Starter: $17/user/month 
  • Plus: $39/user/month 
  • Business: $79/user/month

Ratings & Reviews

Gong Alternatives if you are a Mid-size and Enterprise Business

4. Goodmeetings

Goodmeetings is an AI-powered meeting insights and automation platform that enhances the productivity of customer-facing revenue teams. Goodmeetings’ AI algorithm aids cross-functional teams in transcribing, summarizing, and highlighting action items from all your meetings.


  • Differentiate productive meetings easily with the insights dashboard
  • Automate action item creation for efficient task management
  • Provide sales reps with automated post-meeting support
  • Reduce meeting auditing time to just 5 minutes
  • Streamline coordination and expedite deals with cross-functional teams
  • Access recorded meetings swiftly with a searchable archive
  • Gain insights through summaries, topic tracking, behavior analysis, and sentiment evaluation
  • Generate a curated video reel for key meeting moments
  • Collaborate by sharing coachable moments and assigning actions
  • Understand customer conversations comprehensively through meeting summaries and significant moments

How Goodmeetings is better than Gong

Goodmeetings takes the lead over Gong.io with its transcription accuracy of over 90%, making meeting records super precise. It dives deeper into insights with smart analytics tracking questions, action items, and custom keywords. Goodmeetings also steps up deal pipeline visibility and speeds up coordination with cross-functional teams. Plus, it dishes out full performance analytics for the entire sales team and individual reps, making it a top pick for companies after advanced meeting management and insights.

Pricing (annual billing)

  • Professional: $50/user/month
  • Business: $75/user/month

Ratings & Reviews

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5. Jiminny

Jiminny is a sales-focused conversation intelligence platform. It records calls, analyzes customer interactions, and provides insights to boost sales.


  • Track your speaking balance
  • Compare stats for a motivation boost
  • Listen to team and customer interactions


  • Single, flat price
  • Minimum 12-month commitment
  • One-time setup fee
  • Limited revenue intelligence
  • Limited forecasting

How Jiminny is better than Gong

Jiminny excels with user-friendly onboarding and support, making it an attractive choice for mid-market companies. It offers features similar to Gong, but with a more approachable learning curve. 

Pricing (annual billing)

  • $85/user/month

Ratings & Reviews

6. Wingman

Wingman facilitates the recording and analysis of customer calls, streamlines sales coaching, and supports collaborative efforts in boosting sales revenue.


  • Record, transcribe, and index calls
  • Curate a best moments playlist
  • Contextual call scoring and coaching


  • No free trial available
  • Limited cross-team collaboration
  • Non-English transcription accuracy low
  • UI requires a learning curve

How Wingman is better than Gong

Wingman excels in providing comprehensive conversation intelligence, with features like call recording, transcription, coaching insights, and pipeline forecasts. Its key advantage lies in seamless integration with various platforms, offering a user-friendly interface and versatile integrations

Pricing (annual billing)

  • Growth: $60/user/month
  • Accelerator: $90/user/month
  • Enterprise: $110/user/month

Ratings & Reviews

7. LeadIQ

LeadIQ streamlines sales prospecting with data capture, synchronization, and personalized messaging. It enhances meeting closures by identifying optimal contact times and engaging key accounts effectively.


  • Assess lead quality
  • Verify team assignment
  • Compile campaign contact lists


  • Unverified email addresses for leads
  • Data import delays in systems

How Wingman is better than Gong

LeadIQ specializes in lead generation and enhancing sales prospecting. It offers lead insights and personalized outreach. Unlike Gong, which focuses on call analysis, LeadIQ streamlines prospecting efficiently. If you seek streamlined lead generation, LeadIQ is the better choice compared to Gong.

Pricing (annual billing)

  • Essential: $75/month/user
  • Pro: $130/month/user

Ratings & Reviews

8. Chorus

Chorus.ai is a conversation intelligence tool that aids sales teams by transcribing and analyzing customer interactions like calls, meetings, and emails, amplifying visibility and their deal-closing potential.


  • Track and compare sales performance against metrics like talk-to-listen ratios
  • Easily share full call recordings or critical call snippets with your team for feedback
  • Utilize market intelligence to uncover sales and customer trends


  • Lacks transparent pricing
  • Costly for smaller companies compared to alternatives
  • Complex user interface
  • Absence of call summaries
  • Call recordings are delayed by several days
  • Limited integrations

How Chorus is better than Gong

Chorus.ai excels in its user-friendly interface, providing real-time guidance, and a focus on enhancing conversations. These features make it stand out as a compelling option when compared to Gong, offering a more accessible and conversation-driven approach to improving sales team performance.

Pricing (annual billing)

Chorus offers a custom pricing plan, which is made available upon booking a demo.

Ratings & Reviews

9. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a comprehensive sales engagement platform that provides a range of solutions to enable sales teams to effectively engage with buyers, evaluate their performance, and access critical insights for increasing their success in closing deals.


  • Provides a variety of messaging channels for communication
  • Facilitates management of sales pipelines and forecasts
  • Streamlines the automation of prospect engagement
  • Enables coaching and delivers valuable insights to sales representatives


  • Cadence management complexity
  • Inaccuracies in data analysis and reporting
  • Inadequate call performance analysis
  • Outlook email management challenges
  • Unclear pricing structure
  • Complex navigation with many clicks

How SalesLoft is better than Gong

SalesLoft takes the lead with a focus on sales engagement. It offers handy features like prospecting, opportunity insights, call tracking, and coaching. Plus, its conversation intelligence tool analyzes customer interactions, giving sales teams an edge.

Pricing (annual billing)

SalesLoft offers a custom pricing plan.

Ratings & Reviews

10. Clari

Clari is dedicated to enhancing revenue accuracy through data and intelligent algorithms. It empowers teams to secure new deals and retain existing customers. This involves data capture, mutual action plan creation, and efficient pipeline management for a streamlined sales process.


  • Improve sales forecasts precision
  • Automatically synchronize data with CRM
  • Effortlessly modify via mobile app


  • Overly proactive in suggesting next steps
  • Viewing a full year in a forecasting module can be problematic
  • Lack of automated email alerts for forecast changes

How Chorus is better than Gong

Clari excels in providing real-time sales pipeline management, accurate revenue forecasting, and advanced analytics for informed decision-making, making it a valuable tool for sales teams. In contrast, Gong primarily focuses on improving conversations with customers.

Pricing (annual billing)

Clari offers a custom pricing plan, which is made available upon booking a demo.

Ratings & Reviews

Improve Your Sales Team Performance with GoodMeetings

When it comes to boosting sales productivity in 2024, Goodmeetings stands out as an invaluable Gong alternative. With a remarkable G2 rating of 4.7 out of 5 and multiple standout features, it’s consistently proving its worth. 

The testimonials speak volumes about its effectiveness. Users save time, gain actionable insights, and enhance their sales calls. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these benefits firsthand – book a free demo now and elevate your sales game with Goodmeetings!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I use instead of Gong?

Consider using Goodmeetings as a Gong alternative. Goodmeetings offers robust conversation intelligence features, including AI-powered note-taking, real-time data capture during calls, and insights into talk-to-listen ratios. With glowing reviews, it’s a trusted choice to enhance sales productivity and customer interactions. 

2. Why do companies use Gong?

Gong is a popular choice for its advanced features and proven results in optimizing sales processes. Companies use Gong to gain valuable insights from customer interactions and improve sales performance. It helps businesses understand customer needs, track sales team performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.

3. What are a few Open Source Alternatives to Gong?

Several open-source Gong alternatives include Goodmeetings, Fireflies.ai, Jiminny, Wingman, and LeadIQ. 

Goodmeetings offers AI-driven note-taking during meetings and transcription features. Fireflies.ai provides conversation intelligence and transcription capabilities. Jiminny focuses on sales team coaching and interaction insights. Wingman assists with call recording and sales coaching. LeadIQ helps sales teams gather prospect information and manage leads efficiently. 

4. What are a few cheaper alternatives for Gong?

Cheaper alternatives to Gong include GoodMeetings, starting at $50/user/month, Fireflies at $10/user/month, LeadIQ with a pricing of $75/month/user, Airgram starting at $18/user/month, and Wingman at $60/user/month. These options provide cost-effective solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

5. What are a few alternatives to Gong for Small Businesses?

Small businesses can explore GoodMeetings, Avoma, and Fireflies as alternative solutions to Gong. GoodMeetings offers robust conversation intelligence tools, Avoma focuses on AI-driven insights, and Fireflies provides transcription and note-taking capabilities. These tools cater to the specific needs of small businesses, helping enhance customer interactions and sales processes.

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