Webex vs Zoom: Seriously?

Ok, lets just confirm that you are actually looking for Zoom Vs Webex when 2022 is around.

Before we go any further, here are some more video meeting tool comparison:

Now, here are two follow up questions:

A) Have you been living under a ROCK for the last two years? In which case do you have room for one more and ARE YOU PET FRIENDLY!

B) Are you a small organization that is now in need of some premium features as it scales up?

I am going to assume it’s B, because if your answer is A, quit wasting your time and DM me!

Webex vs Zoom Epiphany One:  The Bitter pill.

Even if you are feeling generous and decide to spare no expense, the five to seven licenses you buy are probably going to cost between a thousand to two thousand dollars a year!

A big expense for the company no doubt. But Cisco rakes in 49.8 billion US$ in annual revenue a year. I had to use google voice to calculate what percentage of their annual revenue you would be. And since we are not sparing any expense I took US$2000. Congratulations you are 4.01606426e-8 % of their revenue.

Pro tip: Don’t ask google, the insensitive AI just said flatly  “The answer is zero!” BTW, you must read what is happing with AI in Sales.

Now if this feels like a one sided love affair, I know! We just raised 1.7 Million to beat them. ARGGG!!! If the top management at Cisco could just spend 2 minutes laughing at us, We could use that to raise our series A! Bye Bye Random halli!  Hello 80ft road IndiraNagar!!

So then a grain of salt and a grain of rice must try and differentiate between Lucknowi and Hyderabadi Biryani (link). Lets try

Webex vs Zoom Epiphany two: What Net-works for you

Let’s be clear, the end goal is to talk to the person on the other end. See them too if bandwidth & background permits.

Both webex and zoom require you to install apps. So, if your ecosystem is on zoom / webex pick that one. No one likes installing a new app. Period!

GoodMeetings is browser based, no app needed. Also check what key clients are using, large companies usually have pretty stringent IT policies and a number of IPs are blacklisted.

Webex vs Zoom Epiphany three: What Features Matter

Zoom supports 100 participants and  Webex 500.  If you can remember the last time this was a constraint, then this is a feature! Otherwise it’s just bragging rights.

Similarly both these offerings offer phone support, but do you know your browser version and can you perform a diagnostic scan or OS update without freaking out! Unless you have  a dedicated IT guy who can leverage this support, you’re better off restarting the system and praying !

There is a whole table below, evaluate it with a basic thumb rule, if you haven’t used or craved for a feature, it’s probably something you won’t use.





Free – $19.99/mo. +

Free – $26.95/mo. +

Basic Features


Up to 100 Participants

Up to 500 Participants


Online Support for free, phone for paid, Account Manager for Enterprise

Online for free, Phone Support During Business Hours up to 24-7 for Enterprise

Conferencing Features

HD Video, HD Voice, Screen Sharing, Whiteboarding

HD Video, Screen Sharing, , Whiteboarding

Web Features

Private & Group Chats, MP4 or M4A Local Recording, Host Controls, Chrome & Outlook Plug-Ins

Multimedia Content Sharing, Local Recording, Host Controls Toll-Free Dial-In

Supported Integrations

Google Drive, Pardot, Dropbox, Eloqua, HubSpot, Infusionsoft & More

Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Facebook Live & More

Webex vs Zoom Epiphany four: Same same yet different

Both Zoom and Webex were actually born in Cisco. Eric Yuan, is a former Cisco engineer and executive, who quit in 2011 to start zoom. So what’s the catch, webex has always been an enterprise product, it appealed to large organisations who have complex requirements from integration, security and interoperability perspectives.

The Webex logo has probably been the subject of more meetings that your organisation has had since inception. Yes I am counting the daily stand-ups and all hands too! With all the meetings, vetting and elaborate discussions the product is as appealing and offensive as a well ironed grey business suit.

Zoom on the other hand was born out of a more user focus, so the UI is great and it works well but there were a lot of holes in the back end. Consequently the company caught a lot of criticism and even legal action for it. Zoom has since beefed up its back end.

One stand out difference between Zoom & Webex is the zoom marketplace for apps, plenty of innovation there, but check how they are using your data. You know what they say, if it’s free you are the product.

Webex vs Zoom Epiphany Five: Every problem is an opportunity

Choosing a partner is never easy, when it’s a relationship as asymmetric as this, there are no happy endings.  

What if I told you there was a better way out. We at GoodMeetings not just connect you to the person on the other side but also help you make sense of the conversation from sales to verification to remote inspections and many more our custom solutions make video work for you. 5-10-1000 we don’t worry about the number of licenses because at the end of the day, both salt and rice have to come together and grow to make the next biryani.

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