Google Meet vs Zoom: Which is the Winner?

Choosing the right video conferencing platform is foundational to the success of remote sales. This page compares two-top rated horizontal video platforms (Google Meet and Zoom) with a vertical video platform purpose-built for remote sales (Goodmeetings)

Comparison Overview:

The video conferencing market is crowded but growing fast and emerging as a massive software vertical.

Trust-Radius estimates

The market to surpass $50B by 2026. Zoom is clearly the market leader in 2021, commanding 50% of the market share. Google Meet comes 5th with a market share of 4%.

While Techrepublic shares,

Zoom owns almost half–48.7% of the global market share and has seen the biggest year-on-year growth of all the platforms, with a 22.3% increase & Google Meet owns 21.8% of the market.

Google Meet vs Zoom country wise comparison
Source: Techrepublic

Goodmeetings is a video-first and AI-enabled sales acceleration platform, built purposely for remote sales, as opposed to Zoom and Google Meet, which are horizontal platforms built to solve video infra challenges.

In this article, we want to provide perspectives that we have gathered on Google Meet and Zoom from more than 250 conversations with customers. We will then compare feature sets across Google Meet, Zoom and Goodmeetings, with a focus on remote sales meetings.

Google Meet:

Google Meet  is a video-communication service developed by Google, meant as a replacement for Google Hangouts and Google Chat.

Top Google Meet Pros listed by our customers:

  • Bundled with Google Workspaces
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Preferred for internal communication

Top Google Meet Cons listed by our customers:

  • Forces Google login for mobile devices, leading to drop-offs by customers at top of funnel
  • Blocked by some enterprise customers for the same reason as above
  • Recording feature is not available on free plans, and not intuitive to access – sales associates miss recording meetings
  • Meeting intelligence is not captured
  • Meet integrations with CRM are basic (mainly scheduling)
  • Collaboration features such as Whiteboarding are not effective


Zoom Meetings (Zoom for short) is a video teleconferencing software program developed by Zoom Video Communications. Zoom has seen massive growth during the pandemic and emerged as the market leader, with a burgeoning marketplace.

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Top Zoom Pros listed by our customers:

  • Preferred for external customer meetings
  • Has a webinar version to help host large remote conferences
  • Marketplace has apps useful for sales meetings such as auto-transcripts

Top Zoom Cons listed by our customers:

  • Time limit of 45 min for meetings for free editions
  • Forces download of app in mobiles, leading to drop-offs by customers at top of funnel
  • Calendar integration and sending invites are not seamless
  • Video infra and security can be made more robust
  • Paid plans are expensive, with limited cloud storage on recordings
  • Meeting intelligence is not readily available
  • Recording links are not available immediately. Takes 25-30 min to send a link to a cloud location. Sales enablement teams struggle to collect and learn from recordings without purchasing additional conversational intelligence software
  • Zoom integrations with CRM such as Hubspot are basic (only scheduling is used primarily)
  • Meetings are not warm as F2F interactions. Need engagement to convert customers and move them down the funnel

Before you proceed, check more comparisons:

Remote Sales – Google Meet vs. Zoom vs. Goodmeetings

If your intent is to,

Get your sales teams to help convert demos to paying customers effectively + efficiently and derive insights from meeting intelligence to help coach teams and onboard sales associates faster

then Goodmeetings is the right platform for you.

Goodmeetings is establishing a new category of remote sales acceleration and engagement to help increase the revenue of companies selling remotely by empowering:

● Sales associates with on-the-fly dynamic nudges & sales widgets to engage better and sell effectively

● Sales leaders with analytics & summary recordings on customer interactions to coach associates better

This is how Goodmeetings stacks up with Google Meet and Zoom for remote sales:


Google Meet



Mobile web friendly application to prevent customer drop-offs

No. Forced Google Sign-in on Mobile

No. Forced App download on Mobile

Yes. Mobile and desktop web-friendly. No forced app downloads, no logins required

Deep integrations with CRM

No. Only scheduling

No. Only scheduling. Need to integrate other apps to capture meeting intelligence

Deep integration. Scheduling, recordings. Meeting intelligence and metadata (e.g. notes, sentiment etc.) pushed to CRM. Pull data from CRM like customer profiles, last interactions etc.

Schedule calls directly from CRM

Schedule calls. No custom workflows

Schedule calls. No custom workflows

Schedule calls. Accommodate custom workflows (like adding participants with ease later, sending reminders)

Meeting Time Limits

Free plan: Limits to one hour

Free plan: Limits to 45 min

Free Plan / Trial: No limits

Cloud Storage for Recordings

15 GB to unlimited storage per user

1 GB to unlimited storage per user on paid plans

Unlimited storage per user

Meetings metadata

Attendance Reports on Enterprise Plans

Basic data on paid Plans

Rich meetings metadata on all plans for every meeting

Customer Attentiveness and Sentiment Scores for each meeting




Custom KPIs tracked based on your workflows



Yes. Easy to set up bespoke KPIs to track trusted verifiable outcomes E.g. % meetings with Screenshare, notes taken, follow-up meetings scheduled, recordings initiated

Minor customizations based on your priorities, workflows



Yes. For free during trial period and beyonjd

Maximum # of Licenses for tiered pricing

Pay for Enterprise plan for more than 300 users

Pay for Business Plan for more than 10 Users

No minimum / maximum licenses for tiered pricing. Choose plans based on features and what is valuable to you

Dedicated Customer Success Lead for Value Realization




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